Master in Design(MDes)- Visual Design

M.Des. is a two year full time Programme which aims to provide broad-based understanding of design along with student-driven specialization in varied domains like visual communication, moving images, interaction design and photography.

Common core subjects(9 credits)

Specialization core subjects(12 credits)

Electives (Departmental and open) (12 credits)

Projects (12 credits)

Thesis (15 credits)

Specializations Envisaged for next 5 Years

Visual Design
Industrial Design
User-Interface Design
Moving Images
Contemporary Photography
Design Education
Design for Wellbeing
Collaborative Design
Urban Environments
Design for Development
Managing Creative Industries
Space Media and Culture
Mobility Design

PhD in Design

Ph.D in Design (Full time / Part time) provides a platform to pursue practice based and practice led research in art, design, culture, creative practices and related areas.

Practice-based Research

Practice-based Research is an original investigation undertaken in order to gain new knowledge partly by means of practice and the outcomes of that practice. Claims of originality and contribution to knowledge may be demonstrated through creative outcomeswhich may include artefacts such as images, music, designs, models, digital media or other outcomes such as performances and exhibitions Whilst the significance and context of the claims are described in words, a full understanding can only be obtained with direct reference to those outcomes.

Practice-led Research

Practice-led Research is concerned with the nature of practice and leads to new knowledge that has operational significance for that practice. The main focus of the research is to advance knowledge about practice, or to advance knowledge within practice. In a doctoral thesis, the results of practice-led research may be fully described in text form without the inclusion of a creative outcome.