Shakthi Prasad- Projects

Handy Braille Writer
The Visually impaired people are seldom accessible to a portable and handy braille writer, which they can use at ease while travelling. As there is an increase in the rate of literacy among the blind, writing behavior is one of the key aspects we need to prioritize.
When we observed the existing braille writing patterns, the instruments/machines requires a bottom support and it can't be used unless they have a table to sit. The stencils, which is their traditional writing instrument, restricts their area to write, requires bond paper and it can't be used to take quick notes on the go. So focusing on the usability and portability issue of the current braille instruments, we came up with a design model through which the above issues can be avoided. In our writing device, our key objectives were: easy to carry, one can stand and write, no base support required, one can write from left to right and can be punched on any type of paper.
This device can also create customized sticker labels to identify day-to-day things eg: Switches in boards, text books, kitchen jars etc. And one of the most important factor is, user doesn't have to punch characters from right to left and then to flip the paper to read. It will completely reform the writing pattern among visually impaired people and provides a simple solution for their communication need.

Waste Bin For Domestic Purposes
The traditional waste bins at home has a lot of sanity issues as follows: Over loading, disposing the waste, foul smell, usage of hands, reloading the garbage bags, flipping the bin, the lid doesn't close if overloaded and washing the bins. So all these factors are kept in mind, we designed a solution which invokes positive emotion with user and enhances his/her overall experience.

Typography - For Social Cause
Due to increase in social messages in our everyday life, the motive of the message is not appropriate and it loses its value due to heavy content and boring visuals. So we tried few poster for own IITH Green Office, where we induced the Information theory and Expressive typography, to communicate few strong social messages in a very simple and crisp manner. Here, the message is displayed in a focused information rich point so that the viewer will not get distracted and it will make him/her inquisitive to know more about it.