Garima - Projects

INFO U - Mobile App for IITH
This project was to develop and design a mobile application for IIT Hyderabad. Basically a platform where all the information that a student access through various mediums like mail, face book, Google, calendar etc can be directed and accessed from a single app. And also help new students to get all the information about IITH schedules and also about the events in IITH even if they are not present in the campus.

Hygiene for Children - Through Graphic Book
Addressed the condition of sanitation education and hygiene rural area and tried to develop a better medium that take seconds to understand by children. So for this a user centered research study was done in 2 schools in kandi village to understand the level of knowledge sanitation and hygiene in children. The final product was a colorful graphic book which has every information of sanitation.

Graphic Novel: The Last Run
The plot is inspired from the story Appointment at Samara written by W. Somerset Maugham. Where the theme was the inevitability of death. In this story John was desperate to prove himself to his master. Little did he know what awaits him. Killing the health minister was his attempt to earn the trust of his master, He earned the an encounter instead, All his effort to escape the Police could not save him from the inevitability of death.