Farooq Imran Khan - Projects

AITA typeface for Assamese script
Currently the publishers in Assam do not yet have online publishing. Lack of an attractive font is what discourages publishers from using the Unicode font and they go for traditional non-Unicode ways of writing. This ultimately creates a bottleneck in easy accessibility to the wide array of information about the state in this age of information technology. Almost all publishing houses in the state use the non-Unicode system of writing. Unlike English and other languages, Assamese newspapers and magazines are currently published after making an image file of the contents. It becomes difficult to retrieve information by searching them on the Internet despite the fact that almost all of them have Internet editions.
My aim is to design a Unicode Assamese typeface for web usage. A lot of work and study has to be done in building the Assamese flavor into the typeface keeping in mind they are legible and readable in small point sizes. As a Semester project I did the typeface design for AITA however my target is to develop a fully usable open source font which I can publish in the Indian Type foundry.