Recruitment for Junior Research Fellow

Recruitment Call for Assistant Professors in the Department of Design, IIT Hyderabad

The Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, seeks candidates with exceptional academic and research records and professional design work to join our faculty team as Assistant Professors. We invite applications in broader domains of Industrial Design and Communication Design. The tentative specializations under Industrial Design are Product Design and Furniture Design. Specializations under Communication Design are Visual Communication, Art, Interaction Design, Photography and Film-making.

Candidate eligibility for applying:

Postgraduate Degree in Creative Arts/Fine Arts/Film/Design (Graphic Design, Architecture, Visual Communication, Animation, Film, Furniture Design, Interaction Design, etc), and at least 6 years of work experience after receiving the post-graduate degree. This experience could have been either in the industry or academia.


Doctoral Degree in any of the dimensions or domains of Creative Arts/ Film/ Design. The PhD will be considered equivalent to above stated 6 years of work experience. The candidate will be required to demonstrate excellent research credentials. Candidates who have submitted and are awaiting PhD defense are also encouraged to apply. Candidates with doctoral degree would be required to share peer-reviewed publications done as part of their research work.
The domains/areas that the candidate is expected to have impressive and extensive academic, research and professional work experience are:
Product Design: design of Tangible products of different kinds, production, roll-outs, Simple to Technically Complex Product Design, Product semantics and Systems design.

Furniture Design: design of furniture, with experience in production, roll-outs, and interior design.

Visual Communication: Typography and Publication Design in both Print and Digital media, with flair for multi-disciplinary explorations between visual arts, graphics and digital interfaces.

Interaction Design: Substantial experience in Usability, User Interface Design, tangible, embedded and embodied dimensions of interaction design, preferably with some experience in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and/or Game Design.

Film-making: Practice-based knowledge of all aspects of film production like cinematography, editing, direction, scripting, production design, VFX, and animation.

Fine Art/Paninting/PrintMaking/ Sculpture/ Applied Art: Active engagement in the production of art preferably with experience in multi-media productions like interactive installations and physical computing.

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