Pranay Sute - Projects

Motion Graphics - Kano Model
The project is mainly based on the use of multimedia for the acquisition of knowledge. The student mainly depend on the text contentand the books for learning. There is a clear disconnect between the media students are accustomed to using outside the classroom and the media they predominantly use within the classroom. Students spend copious amounts of their free time socializing, shopping, and even studying on the Internet, where they are flooded with text, images, video, animation, and sound in what is a complex multimedia environment. The younger generation is intimately familiar with multimedia, accustomed to receiving and sharing information in a range of formats. In contrast, students spend most of their time in the classroom viewing printed text and listening to a teacher. This disconnect is troublesome. While students are accustomed to having a range of means to communicate and process information outside of school, they must conform to a more restrictive media environment within school. Printed text is one-size-fifits-all, but students' learning strengths, needs, and interests are all over the map. Thus, the traditional printed curriculum raises a number of barriers to access and learning.