Pallavi Verma - Projects

Visual Language for IITH - Collateral Design
Project 1 was focused on creating a branding concept which can help one stand out from the competitors, add value to the presentation of the institution and engage in a better way. Focused on highlighting IITH presence different to, and more desirable than, anyone else's. The design process followed are:
Phase 1. Research which indicates the scope of branding for IITH.
Phase 2. Design one ecosystem/visual language for IITH marketing collaterals.
Phase 3. Test and refine the concepts
This motif is inspired from the first letter of two core values of IITH that is invention and innovation. The form also looks like a human reaching for Cosmo. It is called Parvat asasna in yoga, which is a symbol of peaceful state of mind and which activates all the physic centres of the body to be a better self.

Learning Spaces - Study and Design
The aim was to learn the difference between learning & environment practice & stakeholder engagement. Primary research engaged multiple field visits, observation and semi-structured interview methodology with teachers & students with mixed questioning on environment, interaction, behaviours & experiences in varying learning pedagogies.

The research indicated that learner engagement & work ethic improves where movement & collaboration are higher. Additionally, learner freedom of expression & autonomy make the learning experience more enjoyable & productive.

Result: Mobiculture
Enhancing learning opportunities through creative design intervention, this case furniture. Aim to redesigning the environment focusing on mobile interaction to support the learning process.