Marisha Narula - Projects

Gurumukhi Latin
This project involves making an English typeface which has a flavor of Gurumukhi script in it. There are religious scriptures in Sikhism which are converted into English for the ease of reading it for people who prefer to read English rather than Gurumukhi script. In order to meet their demand there is no such font. As part of my semester project, I have designed a display font which could be further grown into a font family.

EKAT Photography
EKAT Photography Documentation of the process of Pochampally Ikat art, where the need for that being the dying art and its loosening popularity. In my project I covered the whole process from the raw material to the final cloth by using one point perspective as my main theme, which relates to Ikat, hence the name Ekat meaning one.

The Accident at Samara - Graphic Novel
This classroom project was done on the story based on archetype story titled "The accident at Samara" by "Somerset Maugham". In this we changed the sanctum of the story. Here the main theme of the story was the inevitability of death. The story revolves around the twin brothers and their friend who has the power of seeing the future. The story, script, dialogues, story boarding, layout and final product was done.

Product for Kids Medicine - Experience Design
This is based on experience design where I designed a product for the kids liquid medicine. The product was a medicine bottle container where the form of the product was given an attractive shape of a penguin which gives it the benefit of being used as a play toy to the kid and when the medicine has to be given it can give a happy feeling to the child as well as fulfill the purpose of the product.