Fabin Rasheed - Projects

Fanny World
A module to identify how spatial awareness can be imparted to students by using virtual reality as an aid to education in a rural Indian context. For this purpose, the nearby Historical site of the Golconda Fort was identified and documented. This was then provided to the students using virtual reality through a mobile app. The final product was a 360 degree virtual setup with a guided tour of Golconda fort (ie. an audio guide), with markers and dynamic map. The effectiveness of virtual reality was studied using exams and results were analyzed.

Pochampally Handloom Park
An app for the Pochampally Handloom Factory. This app was made keeping in mind 3 users: The administrative people (including the CEO, CFO etc), the workers(including weavers, dyers and salesmen) and finally the customers of the factory. Features of this app included coordination between different hierarchies, ease of buying and selling, module for aiding weavers in printing(converting design to graph), daily routine updates and schedules etc.